Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas – Prepare for the New Workplace Platform Changes in 02020

Now it’s the best time to start making money with your talent and skills in the new quickly-changing workplace platform. These simple online business ideas tried by many people before the recent workplace platform changes,

Online Business Ideas – Prepare for the New Workplace Platform Changes in 02020

An Old Fashioned Business Idea for the Online Business World

It seems like everyone has cottoned on to the idea that the new business frontier is online, conventional bricks and mortar stores are promoting online, people are creating home based businesses online selling products, bloggers are creating very large passive income streams online.

But what amazes me beyond belief, is that everyone thinks that being online is enough, and they don’t have to do any more, its kind of build it they will come scenario. Well people I am here to tell that is WRONG. It is more important now then ever to use the old fashion business idea CUSTOMER SERVICE, now more than ever.

In the last 5 years I have spent a lot of time, on-line looking for information and trialling services, particularly when I was trading consistently, I was always landing on websites, and signing up for what free reports they were offering, as well as sometimes buying their services, I wanted to learn as much as I could from as many sources as I could.

Well, I got a call the other day, from a online trading business that I contacted for information about their services, asking me If I was still interested and how could they help. Well after 5 minutes of me asking who they were, what their site was, and what it was about, it turns out that it was over 12 months ago that I had contacted them, it was the first time that they had contacted me.

A couple of things here –

1. Their website was quite well done, very professional.

2. It looked like there was information on there that I wanted.

3. It was over 12 months ago that I contacted them and they were only JUST getting back to me now.

In building any business there is one key important component to being successful, CUSTOMER SERVICE, getting someone to your business online or otherwise is not enough, its what you do with them once you have them that really matters.

Yes rather old fashioned, who knew people still care about how you treat them, so here’s a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way.

  • If you have gone to the trouble of putting contact details on your site. You are telling them its OK to contact you. That means you need to answer them, so if they call you and leave a message, ring them back, if they email reply to them, if they tweet, tweet them back, if they post a comment with a question, answer it. If you are to busy to answer your phone, OUTSOURCE it.
  • If you make promises, KEEP THEM. If you have made a promise that you will get something delivered by Thursday next week. Keep your promise and make sure you get it there. And by the same token if something goes wrong, and you can’t fulfill your promise, ring your client and let them know.
  • Treat your customer how you want to be treated. – Always approach your client the same way you expect to be approached.
  • Listen – A successful salesperson knows when to be quiet and listen. If your customer if saying something, give them your attention.
  • Deal with complaints or objections – You will never please everyone all the time. But if a customer has a complaint or objection, give it the attention it deserves and deal with it. You might be surprised just what you can learn from it.
  • Give Give Give. I recently had some one purchase something from me on eBay, when I sent out their parcel, I included a small gift. I didn’t have to, but in turn, I was given a 5 rating on eBay. Help your customer by giving. I am not saying to give away all your profits. But offering something for nothing is a great way to get good will.
  • Never get greedy – being in business isn’t about making a killing every sale, its about getting repeat business, make a little less, and they will keep coming back.
  • If you have staff train them in how you want them to approach customer service. – remember your staff are a extension of your business.

Treat your new business, like you would a newborn child. You need to care about it everyday, treat it and the customers that you deal with, with respect and it will grow into a solid income producing addition to your family.

Source by Darren P Boland

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Online Business Ideas

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