Matching Your Skills to Find Appropriate Jobs

matching your skills

Matching Your Skills to Find Appropriate Jobs: Skills refer to the things you do well. The key to finding the most appropriate jobs in the industry is recognizing your own skills and communicating the significance written and verbally to a probable employer.

Majority of the most viable skills are those that are used in a variety of work settings. What are these skills? Would matching your skills to find the right job be successful?

  • Determine your skills. This would help you in becoming the lead candidate of landing the job. A skill does not necessarily mean it was adapted in a work environment. If this would be your first job hunt and you have no job experience to date, you still have a chance in the industry.

Majority of skills, including knowledge-based and transferable, could be absorbed and developed as a volunteer, a student, a homemaker, or in your other personal activities. The skills you have used for these activities can still be applied to your desired jobs.

Organizing and listing your personal skills could help you easily fill out job applications, provide useful information for job interviews, and prepare quality resumes.

First, you should categorize the skills by separating your interests and aptitudes from your work experience.

1) Aptitudes and interest. These include all of your hobbies, activities you have been involved in the past, and all the things that interest you. By listing all of these down, you could examine the skills it takes to achieve each item.

Skills from aptitude and interest may be homemaking, playing basketball, fixing cars and many more. All of these items could determine if you are capable of working with a team, able to handle multiple tasks, have viable knowledge of human development, knowledge of electronics and ability to diagnose mechanical and numerical problems. The list goes on, but make sure to consider the skills that would be beneficial for a working environment.

2) Work history. This includes volunteer, part-time, freelance, summer and full time jobs. Once you have listed all your past employment, examine the skills you do work each work duty.

  • Ask for help. As soon as you have your list ready, you could now go to job services that could help you acquire your desired job. You could also search job yourself. However, always remember to match your skills and abilities in your list to the needed skills and abilities of various jobs.

In most cases, people who seek jobs are threatened with job titles. This should not be the case. As long as your skills and abilities could meet the requirements of the workload and job title, your possibility of acquiring your desired job increases.

Matching Your Skills to Find Appropriate Jobs

Trainee Accounting Jobs – Could You Be A Graduate Accountant?

As an accounting trainee, you would be working with an accountant who is CCAB qualified, who would be in essence your mentor for the field of accountancy. The vast majority of accounting jobs in the UK state that the organization is looking for CCAB-qualified accountants. As a trainee, you could land a job with an organization to train in accounting while you were going to school for accounting to get some hands on experience.

Trainee accounting jobs are quite plentiful within the UK because of the vastness of accounting jobs throughout the area. While accounting may seem boring to some, there is still a need for new, young accountants to enter the field, which is why CCAB-qualified accountants are taking new people under their wings as trainees–to keep a steady flow of accountants who are CCAB-qualified in the ranks. Source by Hugo Reyes
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Matching Your Skills to Find Appropriate Jobs

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